PastureLand is a new Wisconsin dairy cooperative. Formerly known as Edelweiss Graziers Cooperative, five Wisconsin dairy farm families have adapted the former Minnesota-based PastureLand brand to market pasture-grazed dairy products made in Wisconsin.

PastureLand has adopted strong grass standards and is committed to producing pasture grazed products only when:

• Cows’ intake is 60 percent or more fresh pasture every day
• Each farm must provide 1-½ acres of land per cow for grazing
• No silages may be fed during the grazing season
• Fencing must be moved every 12 hours to allow fresh grass to cows
• No farm is allowed to use rBGH

The foundation of each of the five family farms is quality of life, both for the family and for the cows. Each family uses a whole farm approach, resulting in better working conditions for people and animals. PastureLand is proud to produce a natural, delicious dairy product in a way that regenerates the earth and reinvigorates America’s Dairyland.