Artisan Cheese

PastureLand offers a variety of distinctive artisan cheeses made only with fresh 100% grass-fed organic milk from our pastured dairy herds and handcrafted by award-winning master cheesemakers Bob Wills, Tom Torkelson, and Jeff Jirik.

PastureLand’s family of cheeses highlights our distinctive grass-fed milk and includes a variety of aged flavor profiles: from sweet, nutty goudas to sharp aged cheddars.

Our artisan cheeses are available in many varieties and flavors. Find out where to buy PastureLand cheeses, or order directly. Click here to sign up for our newsletter.

Farmdog Raw Milk Blue

Our first blue cheese, Farmdog Raw Milk Blue, is warm, tangy, balanced, unmistakenly blue and delicious. Aged for 75 days in the historic blue caves at Faribault, Minnesota.
Farmdog Raw Milk Blue
For blue cheese lovers, Farmdog is just right. Buttery, creamy, and very, very blue. Nearly yellow cheese – loaded with sunshine and beta carotene – laced with blue-green veins and pockets. Farmdog softens, glistening as it warms, and is nearly spreadable at room temperature.

Goodhue Grass-fed Gouda

We are very excited to introduce Goodhue Grass-fed Gouda, a Driftless Region original. This new artisan gouda is made at K&K Cheese in Cashton, WI, and aged at Capri Cheese near Blue River, WI.
Goodhue Grass-fed Gouda
“Lovely caramel colored wheels with warm, bread-like flavors. Slightly nutty, notes of butterscotch, rye and caraway.” American Cheese Society tasting notes

Starting to reveal umami and mushroom notes at six months, this cheese will deepen and intensify as the it matures.

PastureLand True Raw Milk Cheddar

Enjoy the more complex flavors and nutritional benefits of PastureLand’s 100% grass-fed True Raw Milk Cheddar.
Aged raw milk cheddar
Heated only to 104 degrees, this delicious cheese is high in CLA and Omega 3, and a multitude of potential health benefits from raw milk.

Made at Cedar Grove Cheese in Plain, Wisconsin, by Wisconsin Master Cheese maker Bob Wills. Cedar Grove Cheese is organic and Food Alliance certified. Aged a minimum of six months.

Millville clothbound cheddar

A traditional English farmhouse style clothbound cheddar. Millville is rich, tangy and buttery. The PastureLand farmers’ favorite!
Millville Cheddar

Meadowlark clothbound cheddar

Meadowlark clothbound cheddar

Aged in the historic limestone blue cheese caves at Faribault Dairy, Meadowlark is a lovely aged clothbound cheddar, with hints of mushroom and blue notes.

Alpine Sisters

Three original cheeses made with the silky, 100% organic milk of PastureLand’s own grass-fed cows.
Sogn – Named for the beautiful Sogn Valley in Goodhue County, MN. About two years old, Sogn is a sharp, Beaufort-style cheese, great with sourdough bread. This cheese has a moist, dense body, and intense assertive flavors.

Thoten – This delicious cheese’s subtle chewy texture and light nutty flavor will remind you of a young Parmesan. With a savory undertone, Thoten is crumbly hard cheese, perfect for grating on pasta and salads.

Berne – Lightly washed with Riesling wine and caraway, Berne is full flavored with herbal notes and hints of apple and grass. A long, savory finish.